This Longest Zoom Binoculars let you see things up to 150 times closer than any other similar zoom binoculars. To catch every move of wild animals from 450 yards away, you need this Ultra Zoom Binoculars. Our Ultra Zoom Binoculars gets you what you need to entertain your eyes. To see stars in your spare time, you cannot feel like an astronomer having a telescopic trip in space if you do not have the Ultra Zoom Binoculars. To watch a sport game in stadium and you want to catch every swing of your favor players, you will cry like a baby if you do not have this Ultra Zoom Binoculars-its zoom allows you magnify between 20 and 144 times closer and 70 times of more light coming into the lens. You"ll experience like you are next to the subject. Why miss out this great binocular that every soldier and captain must have? Measures 12x9x4 inches and weights 5 lbs (shipping weight 7 lbs). Tripod and Tripod kit not included, ordered separately.